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Fortify Your Organization with
NoPass™ for Workforce 

Passwordless multi-factor authentication solution designed to enhance overall organizational security and streamline employee identity authentication and verification.

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How Can Your Organization Benefit from NoPass™ for Workforce PasswordFree MFA?

Implementing a workforce identity and access management solution like NoPass™ helps eliminate cyberattacks, mitigate risks, and save millions of dollars.

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Enhanced Workforce Security

Employees' login credentials are unique across every service, never leave their device, and are never stored on a server.

Privacy legislation compliance

The solution is compliant with data protection legislation such as GDPR, CCPA, DPA.

Reduced Operating Costs

Utilizing Workforce NoPass™ is more cost-effective than investing in helpdesks and password support systems.

Guaranteed Protection

Thanks to our patented Full-Duplex Authentication® technology, employees' accounts are protected against phishing, man-in-middle, browser-in-browser, and rogue proxy attacks.

About Our Full Duplex Authentication®

The Full Duplex Authentication® technology introduces a decentralized authentication method that involves bi-directional and encrypted communication between the employee and the authentication system. For authenticating, an employee should verify themselves by simply comparing two images (a picture with a 3-digit code) and clicking the approving button. In addition, the system has other factors for authentication such as a HW token such as a Yubikey or a biometric token such as facial recognition and fingerprints.
This technology is patented and the entire concept of Full Duplex Authentication® is encapsulated in U.S. Patent 11,245,526. It’s also compliant with NIST 800-63-B AAL3, which is the highest level defined.

Whitepaper: Full Duplex Authentication®

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Workforce NoPass™ Key Features

 Workforce NoPass™ brings the highest level of authentication security and the simplest user interface.

Integrations with leading authentication protocols

NoPass™ integrates with various authentication protocols, including SAML2, OpenID, and RADIUS.

Advanced Analytics

Displays the number of registered, logged-in, active, and blocked users. It also provides breakdowns by devices and OS, among other metrics.

Authenticator Device Support

NoPass™ has native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. Additionally, it allows authentication from single devices as well as from two devices.

Connect Microsoft 365 and Azure AD with NoPass™

It allows organizations to establish a full integration of workforce IAM NoPass™ with Microsoft 365.

Privileged account management

This feature enables employees to securely verify their identity even when they are outside the network's location.

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Remote-based Authentication

This feature enables employees to securely verify their identity even when they are outside the network's location.

Admin Panel

Includes creating and managing applications, enrolling and activating users, managing mobile devices, fine-tuning the UX of NoPass™ installation, and more.

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