Key Features

Key Features

NoPass uses a unique combination of security methods to achieve the safest, two-way authentication for both services and the users.


Social Media login

Passwordless registration and authentication

Android and iOS support

Full Duplex Authentication

Complete User Lifecycle and Consent Management


Key Industries

Key Industries


The financial services industry has long been at the technological cutting edge, but as the pace of change increases and customers themselves become more digitally literate, new opportunities and new challenges are becoming apparent. We bring you the safety and security your users need.


The number one attack vector involves the use of malicious data input from bad actors to attempt to control or disrupt the behavior of target systems. You can take control of who has access to the different sections of your systems by using NoPass from Identité.


Security risks associated with e-commerce can be a result of human error, an accident or unauthorized access to systems. Online retailers are most likely to face credit card fraud or data errors. By enabling Identité™ on your system, you no longer need to worry about these risks.


We tailor our password-less Full Duplex Authenticationsystem, implementation and maintenance protocols to your individual needs. Our patent-pending product is a proven preventative measure, which facilitates authenticating your users and utilizes several customizable surveillance and security measures to ensure protection for our clients.



Identitécan work with your organization to design and implement a custom authentication tool.  Great for those needing help designing their website or portal, specialized workforces with purpose-built devices, physical security, etc.

Want a demonstration of the end-user experience?



Password-based security has become less secure in recent times due to more sophisticated phishing attacks and challenges faced by users to create and manage numerous passwords. Also, the centralized storage of millions of user credentials (including passwords) in a cloud or a website server can provide a single point of target for hackers, which can greatly increase the cost of a single security breach.

In this whitepaper, we will display how our solution NoPass™ eliminates the password and creates a seamless user interaction that will also increase the security for the services with.

We will also cover some of the industry-leading standards that have been used and how NoPass™ not only complies with them but how we surpass them in some areas.


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