Why CSO's and CDO's Should
Collaborate to Go Passwordless 

Brand loyalty is built around trust. Data breaches, especially those involving stolen credentials, are a big detriment to that trust. The Ponemon Institute estimated the average cost of a data breach at $3.88 Million in 2020 for the business, and immeasurable for the user. It’s likely consumers used the same credentials on other sites resulting in hours of changing their logins across the web. Customers remember that tedious process.


Imagine what would happen if the CISO and CDO sat down one day and decided to combine their knowledge to build a simple and secure authentication process. CISO’s would share with CDO’s all the authentication technologies available. This would include biometrics and mobile authenticators. CDO’s would have the knowledge to seamlessly integrate them into their online applications. You might end up with something radical like ‘passwordless’ registration and authentication.


Identité is pleased to offer a series of webinars that offer key insights on passwords and best practices to transition to passwordless authentication. The first in the series, “Drop the Password, Gain Market Share, Eliminate Risk” will focus on how passwordless authentication can strengthen your brand and grow your business. The second, “How COVID-19 has Made Us Look for Stronger, Passwordless Authentication at Work and Home” and the third, “Why CSO’s and CDO’s Should Collaborate to Go Passwordless”.

Watch Our Previous Webinar
Drop the password:
Gain Market Share, Eliminate Risk.
Watch Our Previous Webinar
How COVID-19 has Made Us Look for Stronger, Passwordless Authentication at Work and Home

Key Features

Key Features

NoPass uses a unique combination of security methods to achieve the safest, two-way authentication for both services and the users.



Social Media login


Passwordless registration and authentication

Android and iOS support

Full Duplex Authentication

Complete User Lifecycle and Consent Management





Make authentication simple, secure and passwordless


Security startup chips away at passwords


Security Newcomer Identité Introduces NoPass

Passwords are a government security nightmare

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White paper

White paper

Password-based security has become less secure in recent times due to more sophisticated phishing attacks and challenges faced by users to create and manage numerous passwords. Also, the centralized storage of millions of user credentials (including passwords) in a cloud or a website server can provide a single point of target for hackers, which can greatly increase the cost of a single security breach.

In this whitepaper, we will display how our solution NoPass™ eliminates the password and creates a seamless user interaction that will also increase the security for the services with.

We will also cover some of the industry-leading standards that have been used and how NoPass™ not only complies with them but how we surpass them in some areas.


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