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Authentication Plugin

The best WordPress plugin for secure user registration and login

About WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS. More than 835 million companies use it to run their business sites. That’s why WordPress is a popular target among hackers. More than 13,000 WordPress websites are hacked on a daily basis and as result businesses lose a lot of money.

Protect your WordPress Site with PasswordFree®

Making registration simple and secure for customers is a must. PasswordFree™ plugin helps to secure WordPress website environment by providing the fastest, most convenient, and secure way for customers to log in and register on a WordPress website. PasswordFree plugin utilizes Identité's award-winning and patented Full Duplex Authentication® (multi-factor authentication technology) to defend against stolen credentials and account takeover.   

Why PasswordFree?

Enabling WordPress multi factor authentication helps website owners boost conversions, reduces cart abandonment and simplify users’ experience.

Full Duplex Authentication®.png
Full Duplex Authentication® 

Full Duplex Authentication® uses a two-way authentication process to ensure that all factors are verified.

Privacy legislation compliance

The plugin is compliant with data protection legislation such as GDPR, CCPA, DPA, etc.

Fast and Easy Setup

For both website owners and website users it takes >1 minute to set it up. 

Against Phishing and Fraud

To log in, users needs to go through two-way authentication using biometric and secure token. It’s simple and more secure than entering a password. 

PasswordFree Features on the WordPress plugin

Our plugin supports WordPress multisites, allow website owners to customize buttons, set up redirect links and use shortcodes. 

Redirect links

You can set up the page to which the users of your WordPress website are redirected after they register and log in with the PasswordFree plugin. 



WordPress shortcodes for PasswordFree buttons act as shortcuts that allow you to embed elements into a site page quickly without coding. 


Multiple platform solution

PasswordFree multifactor authentication is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. 


Brand Customization

Installing PasswordFree plugin into your  WordPress website, you can customize the PasswordFree buttons in line with your WordPress website design concept. 

PasswordFree Plugin In Action

PasswordFree plugin setup is as easy as 1-2-3 for both website owners and their users. 

Fast-track User Registration:

Install the application 

Create a new account

Verify the identity

Install the native application on smartphone or desktop and follow the simple instruction. 

PasswordFree registers new users in under 5 seconds with a dynamic QR Code. 

Confirm authenticity by verifying a picture and a number with a simple look and tap. 

Whitepaper: Full Duplex Authentication®

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