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We Believe Authentication Should Be Simple and Secure

Our mission

Identité mission is to provide our clients with the simplest and most secure user experience available. Identité offers easy-to-use software solutions, cloud services and on-premise deployment that provide unparalleled security and safety.

Our story

Identité was founded by a team of experts with a passion for doing things right. We believe authentication should be simple and secure. We have taken notice of current authentication solutions and believe they all have come up short from the perspective of the end-user.
It is called NoPass™ which is short for “no passwords”. It is the very first authentication solution designed with the end-user in mind.

It is designed to eliminate passwords in the authentication process. This does not mean it makes the authentication less secure – quite the opposite. One of the reasons others have failed to implement this is because no one gave it much thought on the end-user and how we can help them make the transition to password-less authentication. Well, we did and we are finding the adoption rate to be rapid and high.


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John Hertrich

|  President & CEO

John has established multiple companies including Professional Software Associates (PSA), Inc. which delivers professional services globally through offices in the United States and Europe. Mr. Hertrich has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University.


Kathi Simmonds

|  CFO

Kathi has collaborated with a variety of business owners in the accounting, medical, engineering, and construction industries transitioning shoebox bookkeeping to computerized accountability, identifying transactional discrepancies, and building endeavors from the ground up.


Joe Skocich

|  VP of Global Sales and Marketing

Joe has over 20 years of experience as a provider of Identity Management Solutions to companies and governments all over the world. He was instrumental in growing his previous firms’ customer base as well as helping them get acquired by leading tech firms such as BMC Software and IBM.


Jim Lindsay

|  VP of Strategic Accounts

At Identité®, Jim is responsible for sales growth with named clients and through channel partners. Jim is a talented seller and leader with extensive experience in high-tech software sales, specifically in the areas of security, mobility, and IoT asset management.


Jeremy Walker

|  VP of Development & Support

At Identite®, Jeremy oversees the company’s product development, technical engagement, and support teams. He is a security professional with over 16 years of combined experience designing, maintaining, and securing Information Technology systems. Prior to joining Identite, Jeremy served in support of a wide range of capacities within the United States federal government including three- and four-letter agencies before transitioning into the public sector.


Eusebio Coterillo

|  Director of International Sales

Eusebio has an extensive career in direct sales and in sales channel management for Identity and Access Management technologies in markets throughout Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean.


Wiktor Bukato

|  Software Architect

Wiktor is the lead software developer and architect at Identité® bringing with him 18 years of experience from the IT industry. He participated in various complex projects in areas such as artificial intelligence and pattern recognition, large-scale oil and gas industry solutions, banking, financial and insurance products, medical, and transportation systems.



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