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Identité Unveils Gesture, Biometrics-based Authentication Solutions

By Eric Weiss - August 18, 2020

The authentication specialist Identité is expanding its NoPass portfolio with two new products designed to get rid of passwords at large organizations. One is intended for internal use to facilitate employee logins, while the other is public-facing and will help organizations verify the identities of their customers.

NoPass for Consumers and NoPass for Employees are both delivered through a mobile app that is now available for Android and Apple devices. The former offers three-factor authentication that leverages simple gestures, while the latter offers two-factor authentication with biometric and token-based security.

NoPass for Employees can also be integrated into a company’s pre-existing application with the NoPass SDK, which means that large organizations do not need to use a second app to enjoy the benefits of passwordless authentication.

Identité is currently developing a NoPass for Employee SSO product to further improve its enterprise offerings. The product is now in Beta, and will allow employees to gain access to multiple workplace applications with a single login. The technology is expected to streamline corporate workflows, although sensitive interactions may still require step-up authentication.  

“Our goal was to offer a product that is simple enough that my mother-in-law can use it, yet strong enough to comply with NIST AAL3,” said Identité Global Sales and Marketing VP Joe Skocich.

“A recent FIDO study showed a majority of passwords are reused across accounts for personal and professional use,” added Identité Founder and CEO John Hertrich. “Our NoPass suite adds additional layers of security to protect companies from risks involved with stolen credentials.”

The FIDO report is one of several recent studies that has highlighted the need for better enterprise security. ForgeRock has reported that US organizations lost $1.2 trillion due to data breaches in 2019, while Entrust Datacard has warned that remote workers have displayed lax password habits during the pandemic.

Those interested in the solution can find the NoPass suite on the AWS Marketplace.


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