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Identité releases biometric authentication tool to eliminate passwords, secure transactions

By Luana Pascu - August 19, 2020

Passwordless authentication developer Identité has released the NoPass product series to phase out passwords for enterprise employees and online customers, while enhancing security with biometrics, the company announced.

“Over half of users polled in a recent FIDO study showed a large majority of passwords are reused across accounts for personal and professional use,” said John Hertrich, founder and CEO of Identité in a prepared statement. “Our NoPass suite of products adds additional layers of security to protect companies from security risks involved with stolen credentials. For example, it uses Full Duplex Authentication, where the user will know it’s a valid NoPass Server and the server will know it’s the user.”

The flagship NoPass offering was first announced in May. It provides three-factor authentication based on smartphone QR code scans, visual verification with an image and number, and native device biometrics.

Already available on AWS Marketplace, the product family consists of two products; NoPass for Customers and NoPass for Employee MFA. The first product is a passwordless authentication tool that uses simple gestures to enable three-factor authentication, while the second is a two-factor authentication tool that uses a token and a biometric to secure remote work environments.

The authentication server can be operated through a smartphone app available for free in the Google Play store and Apple App Store. The NoPass SDK can also be integrated with a company’s proprietary app to enable passwordless authentication.

The Beta version of the NoPass for Employee SSO authorizes employees to access multiple applications through one-time sign-on. NoPass operates as an identity broker linked to existing authentication systems to enable MFA or as a passwordless MFA tool. In an enterprise environment, the MFA tool can reauthorize access for sensitive operations.

“Authentication should be simple and secure, and without passwords,” said Joe Skocich, VP of Global Sales and Marketing for Identité in a prepared statement. “Our goal was to offer a product that is simple enough that my mother-in-law can use it, yet strong enough to comply with NIST AAL3. NoPass is simple to use and eliminates the hacker’s ability to easily phish for passwords.”


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