NoPass™ Employee MFA

Turn your smartphone into a security token

NoPass™ is a multi-factor authentication add on for remote users. In addition to the username and password, NoPass™ performs two additional factors of authentication – something you have and something you are. This utilizes smartphones and does not require the purchase of additional hardware authentication devices for each user. It also does not use SMS, which can also be costly and is vulnerable to being intercepted.

Two additional factors


With the increase in phishing and other identity attacks in our day and age, authentication that requires a username and password (like RADIUS) can be potentially at risk. Sophisticated social engineering schemes and clever tactics can fool even the savviest of users. In order to combat this, Identité™ has introduced its NoPass™ Employee MFA solution, a lightweight feature that enhances the overall security and is adaptable with the leading authentication protocols that are in the market.

The new era!


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