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NoPass™ Authentication Technology NoPass™ is a multi-factor authentication add-on for remote users. In addition to the username and password, NoPass™ performs two additional factors of authentication – something you have and something you are. This utilizes smartphones and does not require the purchase of additional hardware authentication devices for each user. It also does not use SMS, which can also be costly. NoPass™ is a secure authentication app that brings you the two things you need most: the highest level of authentication security and the simplest user interface. Now you can have the confidence of never worrying about a compromise of your online credentials. Along with very strong security, the user does not need to enter a password. The NoPass™ server and application in the phone takes care of all of the bi-directional handshaking, requiring only that the user compare two images (a picture and a 3- digit number), then swipe or touch the approve button, and they are connected. This method provides a million encrypted combinations and is virtually un-hackable since the metadata is valid for only a few seconds and is useless after that. Even if the user mistakenly approves the transaction, we are able to detect the intrusion and block the entry into the server.

NoPass™ Workforce MFA

  • The NoPass™, Full Duplex Authentication™ process follows a decentralized authentication model. This lets us work together with any kind of traditional user authentication technology, such as PIN, OTP, PKI, and Biometrics. NoPass™ has a flexible architecture to easily integrate with any User Authentication solution.  By combining public-key encryption with fast OTP authentication, NoPass™ Full Duplex Authentication™ MFA enables mobile-initiated login to workstations through your mobile device. It’s fast and secure. With the increase in phishing and other identity attacks in our day and age, authentication that requires a username and password (like RADIUS) can be potentially at risk. Sophisticated social engineering schemes and clever tactics can fool even the most savvy of users. In order to combat this, NoPass™ has introduced its MFA solution, a light feature that enhances the overall security and is adaptable with the leading authentication protocols that are in the market.

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