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Identité Adds LoginFree© to its Award-Winning PasswordFree Authentication®

LoginFree© is part of Identité's PasswordFree Authentication® service. This award-winning, patented service allows website developers to simplify and secure user authentication on their web portals with a few simple APIs.

"By eliminating the need to type a username to log in, we have removed the last bit of friction and security risk"— John Hertrich, CEO of Identité

Identite® currently has PasswordFree Authentication® built into an app on BigCommerce and a plugin for WordPress. Now, web developers and designers on those platforms can add LoginFree© to create a frictionless and secure registration and authentication user experience. PasswordFree Authentication® is protected by a patented technology called Full Duplex Authentication®. This is a unique approach to authentication because not only does the authentication service challenge the user, but the user gets to challenge the authentication service, thus preventing all forms of phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks.

The key benefits of using PasswordFree Authentication® with LoginFree© are:

• No code or programming skills needed – one click install

• Online users of the website have no usernames or passwords to create, remember, or recover

• Phishing-resistant protection for your website visitors

• Registration in under 5 seconds with a QR Code scan

• Frictionless execution of three factors of authentication with a biometric in less than a second

• Online users make use of their favorite trusted device, turning it into a secure hardware token

“By eliminating the need to type a username to log in, we have removed the last bit of friction and security risk,” says John Hertrich, CEO at Identité®.

“With a simple look, click or a tap, online users and can register and authenticate to the PasswordFree® enabled website.”

LoginFree© is now available for all web developers and designers on BigCommerce and WordPress platforms. With one click on the install button, site owners enable the login dialogue so that their visitors are free of usernames and passwords.

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