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WORKFORCE NoPass™ Desktop Unlock

To increase the security level when working on your Windows PC, you can use a Windows login and password. However, NoPass™ allows you to unlock your workstation without using a password. Learn how you can unlock your Windows PC with the NoPass™ Desktop Unlock feature.

Whether you’re already running your hosted desktop applications on-premises or planning to move those workloads to the cloud, you need a secure network connection to the office for home workers. NoPass™ Desktop unlock integrates with Microsoft Windows client and server operating systems to add multi-factor authentication to logins with a solution that balances security and usability.


WORKFORCE NoPass™ Desktop Unlock is to be used for computer security (login, authentication, lock/unlock). Your mobile phone plays the role of your access key from your PC:​

  • Automatic Windows login when a user approaches the computer (with the mobile phone)

  • Access policies can be configured to block access to sensitive remote workstations from devices that are out of date or non-compliant with your security requirements

  • The computer will be protected with a password, but you don’t have to enter it manually. NoPass™ Desktop Unlock is a genuine authentication solution with complete password replacement and not just a primitive PC locker like many other programs where you must enter a password manually to log on

Native Windows Client


The NoPass™ Authentication client for Windows provides the same multi-factor as the mobile application. In addition, native hardware tokens such as Yubikey, and other third-party devices are supported by the Windows client, NoPass™, an easy-to-use two-factor authentication solution that fits seamlessly in your users’ daily workflows.

Some websites and online services let users protect their accounts with a mobile-generated passcode that must be manually entered and only works for a certain amount of time — typically 30-60 seconds. Both the Windows and Mobile NoPass™ authentication clients can protect all sites with unique credentials protected by Full Duplex Authentication®.  All users keep all their accounts and credentials in a virtual digital wallet.