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At Identité we offer simple and secure authentication products to meet consumer, enterprise, and other use cases. NoPass™ is designed to eliminate passwords in the authentication process. This does not mean it makes the authentication less secure – quite the opposite. One of the reasons others have fallen so short in delivering a truly passwordless solution is that not enough thought and consideration was given to the user experience. Not only do we remove the frustration of passwords, but we also help with the transition to passwordless authentication which has resulted in rapid rollouts and high adoption rates.

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PasswordFree™ Passwordless MFA for Customers

PasswordFree™ is a passwordless authentication and registration tool to authenticate users coming into a customer portal. With minimal typing or actions by a user, they can quickly register and authenticate with 3 factors - something you know, something you have, and something you are.

NoPass™ Workforce MFA Solution

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NoPass™ Employee MFA protects you against unauthorized access to critical corporate data while cutting management time and costs for your business. NoPass™ Employee MFA has a flexible architecture to easily integrate with any User Authentication solution.

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NoPass™ Employee SSO Solution

NoPass™ Employee SSO passwordless multi-factor authentication ensures that only authorized users get access to sensitive data. With NoPass™ Employee SSO get all the features in the NoPass™ Employee MFA with additional features such as Federation/SAML/OIDC support, and Identity Brokering.


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NoPass™ SDK is a software developer kit that allows you to build the NoPass™ 3-factor authentication into your existing mobile applications. With our SDK you keep the user from having to install an additional app on their smartphone that performs authentication.


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