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Gone Phishing! Catch ya later passwords…

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Don't worry, boss, that no-good hacker will be swimming with the phishes before sunrise.

PasswordFree Authentication™️ is outsmarting internet hackers and scammers by eliminating phishing and passwords!

In this blog post:

  • Phishing- The preferred weapon of choice for hackers

  • The most common ways phishing is used

  • Phishing attacks and why they’re so emblematic of authentication.

  • What internet security methods you can deploy to eliminate the phishes before sunrise?

Today’s hackers have programs that systematically test millions of possible passwords while they sleep, and the scamming techniques and timing are all on the attackers’ side. They are continuously innovating below the radar like a modern mob society doing billions of dollars worth of damage and becoming more sophisticated with each passing day.

Phishing attacks hit a record high, with 1 million attacks during the first quarter of 2022. The majority of attacks were targeted toward individuals and small to midsize companies. The most common ways hackers established initial access were through links, emails, social networking, and exploiting public-facing websites and applications. They gained access to medical and financial information, as well as other sensitive data that can be misused to access financial records, steal money, your identity, or your customer's identity.

When it comes to inspiring confidence in their victims, attackers rely heavily on brand and social media impersonation.

  • Attackers are building custom phishing pages designed to appear to come from legitimate companies for as little as $3 to $12.

  • They send billions of seemingly trustworthy emails to scam people into clicking the link or providing their personal information. You may get a fake financial warning from your bank, credit card company, or order confirmation from a retailer.

  • Social media phishing attacks typically rely on techniques using emotions like fear, curiosity, and urgency, to compel your social connections to open attachments or click on links. Cybercriminals impersonate you to a friend or family member with fake social media posts created on your social accounts.

Hackers rely upon workers' false sense of security

Hackers rely upon workers' false sense of security because many employees believe they’re protected by cybersecurity when using an employer's browser. People in the workforce environment willingly and dutifully type in their user names and passwords multiple times a day, and while they understand the risk of unknown links, more than half click links anyway.

Most people are naturally trusting and want to expect the best. They can’t imagine someone hacking them and using their data to steal from them or their company. They are busy, often distracted, and most likely not focused on internet security.

Internet security is precisely the hacker's entire purpose. They are spearing out persuasive emails, texts, impersonation websites, and social media messages in hopes that someone will take the bait. While every click doesn’t result in an attack, it shows how vulnerable people and companies can be regardless of training efforts.

The majority of successful phishing hacks occur due to human errors; a poor password, an accidental click on a phishing email, or being tricked into giving out sensitive information — and they all hinge on one mutual factor —humans.

So what’s the solution?

It only takes one successful phishing attack to compromise your network and steal your data,

But how do we take “the human” out of the equation and eliminate phishing attacks?

Remove the ability of the human to divulge passwords and secrets. If humans don’t have passwords or secret credentials to divulge, you can better protect your business.

PasswordFree Authentication™️ is outsmarting internet hackers and scammers by eliminating phishing attacks and passwords.

SaaS PasswordFree Authentication™️ For Customers by Identité® Inc. provides an easy-to-implement, cost-effective, and scalable PasswordFree Authentication™ solution for developers and online businesses. Our SaaS version is perfect for any web portal, or App that requires a customer to register and log in. It will improve and modernize your internet security standards, and create a more secure, simple PasswordFree™️ experience for your customers. With a simple look, click, or tap, your customers can authenticate using the highest levels of security.


Gone Phishing! Catch ya later passwords…

Don't worry, boss, that no-good hacker will be swimming with the phishes before sunrise.

Author: Toni Stewart

Publish Date: August 30, 2022


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