The headline is intriguing and encourages visitors to continue evaluating the offer.

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NoPass™ Windows Desktop Unlock 


The header Image is the hero image that tells what you are offering to your prospects

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THE MOST IMPORTANT PARAGRAPH OF THIS PAGE - This paragraph(s) clearly states the offer and conveys the benefit immediately which helps prospects quickly decide whether to read on. It also is the primary source for Google and other search engines so keywords are extremely important for this content.

The BUTTON - “Get Started or Let's begin” speaks directly to the prospect and is always orange to attract maximum attention to the primary goal of the website page.

Explainer video that demonstrates

"How to Register in 3 Simple Steps in 60 seconds"

  • Short (0:45 - 1:30) minute video, so it doesn’t run the risk of losing prospects’ interest.  

  • Provides the prospects with the information they need to make a decision on the free trial. 

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Desktop Unlock Features

Desktop Unlock
Press Release

Android and
iOS support


Full Duplex Authentication®

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Let's Get you Signed up!

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There should be three simple steps to get the prospect registered and using the product. 

TONI - These steps should be clearly presented on and it should be clear that we will require no more than 60 seconds of their time. 


OLGA- The registration page remains open in a tab as the prospect advances through the steps. 

OLGA - Other pages such as the NoPass profile may need to be opened in another -

browser tab = Desktop Unlock SaaS


Prospect clicks on the “Let’s Begin Button”.  The page is updated to show three steps as indicated below.  The step the user is on is highlighted and completed steps are indicated by a faded color.


STEP 1 – “Let’s create a profile” – a click to learn more about what a profile is and how it is used should be available.  The user needs to be taken through the create profile step. 


If a redirect to is needed, open a new browser tab and leave the registration page open in the old tab.  The email used in the profile verification should be the only thing we ask from the user at this time.  Please remove any other requests for information as they will just get in the way.  


STEP 2 –

1.  “Lets set up your mobile device as an authenticator” – The registration page should be updated to let the user know they are on step


2.  A click to learn what the mobile app is and how it works should be available. 

Once the profile is created, the user needs to be instructed or directed back to the registration tab to let them know step 2 is beginning. 


The QR code is to be displayed to be on the i. 


Next, they are sent to where to complete the profile is set up on the mobile app.


Magic link  After the 8 digits are entered to confirm they are in possession of the mobile device, advance the registration page to the next step.


STEP 3 – “Now let’s connect your mobile authenticator to your PC” -

This step should guide the user through the download and installation of the MSI, along with instructions to click on the “sync to mobile” option in the windows NoPass client.  The QR code will be displayed in the NoPass Windows client and once again the user will be directed to plug in the 8-digit confirmation code.  


The final check would be to show the user what they should see on their mobile NoPass app and windows NoPass client to ensure the set up was done correctly.  The registration page should display something like “Now let’s check to make sure things are set up correctly.” And with screen shots so the user can visually compare.


The next prompt should be to show the user how it works visually via a very short looping video that performs “CTL L (lock screen), click on NoPass icon, compare pics on desktop and mobile, hit confirm and desktop opens”.


When the user has watched the loop to their satisfaction, prompt them with “OK Let’s Try It Out!”.  Prompt the user for some simple feedback on their experience and collect the data.


Sales Marketing will send and solicit for information using the email 7 days after they sign up.


Hopefully, this is a much more detailed description of the requirements sales and marketing needs to properly launch the market test.  Please work with Toni to make any necessary changes to the web pages to meet the requirements.  

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Desktop Unlock Window SaaS

NoPass™ Windows Desktop Unlock SaaS

Frequently Asked Questions


What is NoPass™ Windows Desktop Unlock SaaS?

This is a cloud service that allows a user to add passwordless MFA to the login of their workstation.


Why should I try it?

Simplicity and security. Users can get logged into their desktop with a clock, look, and a tap –fewer actions than the keystrokes of a password. Windows passwords are the most sought-after credential by cybercriminals. By removing the password and adding more secure factors such as a digital token on another device and a biometric, you are significantly reducing the possibility of a bad actor compromising your workstation password.


Who should use it?

This offering is designed for anyone who wishes to add passwordless MFA to their windows desktop. It was designed with IT Admins in mind, to address the problem of forgotten desktop passwords in addition to adding a very strong MFA. Future releases will include management and mass deployment capabilities.


How does it work?

A user clicks on the NoPass™ login option on their desktop and a push notification is sent to a NoPass™ app on their mobile device. The user compares a picture and number combination on the desktop with the one on their phone and taps the confirmation. If a biometric is enabled on their mobile, a biometric check is performed after the NoPass confirmation, and the desktop is unlocked.


How do I register and set it up?

The user will follow the registration link <insert registration url> and follow the instructions on that page.


There are 3 simple steps

  1. Create a NoPass Profile.

  2. Install a mobile app and connect it to the NoPass profile.

  3. Install a small client on their workstation and connect it to the NoPass profile as well.

How long does it take to set up?

NoPass™ Windows Desktop Unlock takes less than a minute to set up.


What happens if it isn’t working, or the service is unavailable –can I still log in to my desktop?

The existing windows authentication options will remain available on the desktop. The user will simply choose one of those existing options and log in as they did before.


How much does it cost?

The offering is free to use in this limited release. Future releases will offer more robust capabilities and pricing will be affordable and competitive.


What are the benefits?

  • Passwordless MFA added to the desktop

  • The highest security available –complies with NIST 800-63-B AAL3

  • Phishing resistant with our patented Full Duplex Authentication®

  • Meets all MFA requirements from regulations and cyber insurance policies


How can I get support?

Email us at support@identite.usand we will respond within 24 hours.


Additional support plans are available for purchase. Contact for more information

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