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NoPass™ Solution for Consumer


Get rid of the password!

Password-based security has become a liability in recent times due to sophisticated phishing attacks and challenges faced by users to create and manage numerous passwords. The centralized storage of millions of user credentials including passwords within the cloud or a website server provides a single point of attack for hackers, which can greatly increase the cost of a single data breach. Online attacks like Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) and Man-in-the-Browser (MitB) can pose a substantial threat to online authentication by secretly modifying the communication between the user and server.

Simple & Secure

Along with very strong security, the user does not need to enter a password. The NoPass™ server and application in the phone takes care of all of the bi-directional handshakings, requiring only that the user compare two images (a picture and a 3-digit number), then swipe or touch the approve button, and they are connected.


Decentralized Authentication


Centralized passwords lead to mass breaches and credential reuse. The continued use of centralized passwords alongside “passwordless experiences” gives companies a false sense of security while they remain vulnerable to credential stuffing attacks. When companies store user credentials in a centralized repository, they create a huge target for hackers and invite credential reuse. 

The Centralized credential store is:

  • hackers' favorite target

  • single point of failure

  • high risk of breach

  • susceptible to credential re-use

  • expensive to secure and maintain

DECENTRALIZED authentication enables true passwordless security. Organizations are replacing the use of centralized passwords with decentralized authentication. Rather than storing millions of passwords in a single repository, user credentials are decentralized and stored safely on their personal devices. This approach removes the hackers' primary target and renders credential stuffing attacks infeasible.

Decentralized credentials:

  • stored safely on personal devices

  • true passwordless architecture

  • stop mass breaches, fraud & phishing

  • resistant to credential re-use

  • low cost to secure and maintain


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