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Get rid of
the password!

Password-based security has become a liability due to sophisticated phishing attacks and challenges faced by users to create and manage numerous passwords. The centralized storage of millions of user credentials including passwords within the cloud or a website server provides a single point of attack for hackers, which can greatly increase the cost of a single data breach. Online attacks like Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) and Man-in-the-Browser (MitB) can pose a substantial threat to online authentication by secretly modifying the communication between the user and server.


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Along with very strong security, the user does not need to enter a password. The NoPass™ server and application in the phone takes care of all of the bi-directional handshaking, requiring only that the user compare two images (a picture and a 3-digit number), then swipe or touch the approve button, and they are connected.

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The NoPass™ SDL provides other developers with the NoPass™ SDK which is a software developer kit that allows you to build the NoPass™ 3-factor authentication into your existing mobile applications. With our SDK you keep the user from having to install an additional app on their smartphone that performs authentication.

NoPass™ SDK main objective is to provide other developers with a convenient method for registration, authentication, and restoration. The SDK helps developers utilize the binaries and plug them into their existing code. This will accelerate the development of a new app or your company’s existing app with NoPass™ Passwordless Authentication built in.


If your ecommerce businesses or company already has an app, using a second app on a users phone will be redundant. You have already made significant investments in its development and it would be better to compile the NoPass™ registration and authentication APIs into your own app. The NoPass™ SDK was created and is included in the NoPass™ MFA for exactly this purpose.

The SDK gives developers access to a host of NoPass™ authentication, security and user management features.


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