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NoPass for your Consumers

NoPass for your Employees

What we do?
NoPass™ Coverage


For Consumer
  • Making Authentication Natural
  • Eliminating the Password
  • User Self-Care and Account Management  
  • Increase revenue and consumer satisfaction
For Enterprise
  • Secure your Employees and Eliminate Risk
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership 
  • Flexible Architecture 
  • Minimize Development Overhead


NoPass uses a unique combination of security methods to achieve the safest, two-way authentication for both services and the users.

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                               We designed NoPass™ with the simplest type of user in mind – the consumer. 

Having said that, NoPass™ is the easiest and most secure multi-factor authentication tool for employees, contractors, agents, and privileged users.  It’s also the least expensive and lightest deployment of anything on the market.



                               Users do not want passwords.  Passwords are hard to create let alone remember.  Most users are comfortable with a simple user name or email to identify themselves.

Passwordless registration and authentication

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                      NoPass™ employs a patented-pending process known as Full Duplex Authentication.  The user will know it’s a valid NoPass Server and the server will know it’s the user during registration and authentication.  Say goodbye to “MitM” or phishing attacks because NoPass™ removes passwords from the authentication process.

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Full Duplex Authentication 


                     Many users wish to be known by a single identity which is most often their favorite social media account.

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Social Media login


                                     NoPass™  authentication app works in iOS and Android and is available in the Apple App Store and Google Playstore.

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iOS and Android support

                              New product features relevant and in tune with your needs, regular security releases to keep you and your users safe and up to date. Very trustful consent management, we will not save anything until you allow us.

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Complete User Lifecycle and Consent Management

Key features



Password-based security has become less secure in recent times due to more sophisticated phishing attacks and challenges faced by users to create and manage numerous passwords. Also, the centralized storage of millions of user credentials (including passwords) in a cloud or a website server can provide a single point of target for hackers, which can greatly increase the cost of a single security breach.

In this whitepaper, we will display how our solution NoPass™ eliminates the password and creates a seamless user interaction that will also increase the security for the services with.

We will also cover some of the industry-leading standards that have been used and how NoPass™ not only complies with them but how we surpass them in some areas.




                      Identité, a new company founded by a team of security and enterprise software veterans, today announced its solution to make authentication simple and secure for all users – without the use of passwords.

Make authentication simple, secure and passwordless


                      Identité Inc. is rolling out a mobile app-based authentication system that it says eliminates the need for passwords while also shortening the login process.

Security startup chips away at passwords


                      There’s a simple security measure that could take phishing attacks out of the equation and remove one of hackers most useful tools: getting rid of passwords.

Passwords are a government security nightmare

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